• Feng Shui For Buying and Selling Property in New York

    • Are you are having difficulties selling a property?

    • Are you are looking to buy a property and feel unsure about the decision?

    • Does the  property you are interested in have a history of illness, bankruptcy or bad luck?


  • A Feng Shui Guide to Selling Properties

    Feng shui is a very helpful tool for selling and buying properties. Selling a property should not be difficult, but often times you can find yourself stuck in the nightmare of wanting to sign on your new dream property and then unable to make a move because your existing property will not sell.

    This happens all the time causing much frustration and disappointment, not to mention the loss of time and sometimes considerable sums of money.

    With Feng Shui the process gets a lot smoother. A well trained practitioner will be able to detect specific qualities about a property that are likely to be preventing the sale from happening and clear them.

    Isn’t this the job of a Realtor to spot things that might impede the sale? I hear you ask… well that is very true, I have worked with some wonderful, talented realtors who know how to present a home, but I don’t know any who are trained and capable of detecting the three most important factors that will always effect the sale of your home:

    • Geopathic Stress
    • Ghosts/Spirits
    • Emotional Attachment (the unwillingness of people to move or change)

    Whether or not you believe in the above, I have a list of clients who have been so desperate to sell that they have been prepared to suspend their disbelief and do anything to help move the process along. My reflection on this is “why put yourself through the agony of waiting until the situation becomes a crisis!” If you are ready to move, buy or sell, check out the Feng Shui.

    When there is a form of “disturbed energy” in a property, prospective buyers are likely to sense that they don’t feel fully comfortable there, (even though they would not necessarily the find words to describe their particular feeling), and declare that the place “just doesn’t feel right”.

    Help is at Hand


    The purpose of Feng Shui when used for property transactions is to detect and establish an understanding of what causes our “ill at ease” feeling in any given space and then skillfully transform those conditions and bring about a profound shift in the way we feel and respond to that space.

    If you make sure that the key aspects of Feng Shui are covered almost any property can be sold very quickly. I can help with this process. I have helped numerous clients buy and sell property in the USA, Britain and Europe.

    Give me a call and together we can discover how best to get your buying and selling of property back on track.

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