• Feng Shui For Business

  • Designing optimum work environments in twenty first century New York involves more than simply decorating and furnishing. It is important to understand how our thoughts, feelings and our behavior is affected by everything that surrounds us. Light, sound, colors, shapes, forms, symbols and images each have some kind of impact upon our mood, our energy and our general outlook on life. 

    Simply put, we are in a relationship with our surroundingsPlaces with bad Feng Shui contribute to stress and ‘dis-ease’. While places with good Feng Shui offer support and promote wellness, opportunity and luck.

  • How Feng Shui Can Help Your Business

    The power of  Feng Shui lies with its ability to influence this “person/place relationship” to achieve specific life improvements. There is a great saying, “the fish is not sick, the water is just dirty”

    If you find yourself struggling with certain areas of your life, for instance, money, health or relationships, then it is wise to look at your surroundings to see if there is something contributing to the problem. Most of the time our interactions with our outside world unconscious. In fact most of the our interactions with our inside world is unconscious too.

    So the trick is to bring awareness to the issue that is bothering us, work out a new course of behavior that will bring about change and the support and condition that desired change in behavior by making intentional changes in our surroundings.

    Over the last 20 years I have worked with hundreds of clients and tried and tested many different approaches to Feng Shui. I have found that some stuff works and some stuff doesn’t. A lot of the processes that are “culturally specific” to the orient, don’t really work in the west.

    We also have quite a rich tradition of other forms of Feng Shui from other cultures. All of then address the person/place relationship and each of them have some value.

    The system of Feng Shui I use draws from many rich resources and has simply evolved over the years.

    I call this the “Modern Feng Shui Formula” and it looks like this:

    • Traditional Chinese Feng Shui – by increasing and improving the flow of energy (chi) in the home
    • Modern environmental psychology – by observing and changing habits and behavior in the home through the application of symbolism and new rituals.
    • Color therapy – by finding specific colors the support each space and each individual.
    • Energy medicine – by using the latest “mind science” to clarify intention and manifest healing and growth
    • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programing – used as a diagnostic/listening tool to understand the clients inner experience of their home.
    • Kineseology – (muscle testing) for testing the clients energy in “real time” to discover whether they strengthen or weaken to changes in the environment when any of the above techniques are applied to change a space.


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