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Will LeStrange talks about his life and work with Ivy Ellerby,
 host of the popular YouTube Channel "Feng Shui It TV"

I'm a husband to a remarkable woman who is kind, compassionate and as sharp as a tack.

(We met on a Greek island in August 1994 and got married two months later)

I'm a dad to two feisty teenagers, both kind, compassionate and sharp as tacks (wonder where they get that from...lol)


I grew up in deep rural England, in a family of Farmers and Builders


At age 16, I survived a near-death accident on the family farm.

The near-death experience opened up a sixth-sense and the ensuing recovery from the physical injuries took me on a fascinating 15-year journey through every alternative healing technique imaginable.


(You could say, right from the start, I have a deep relationship with the land, buildings, cattle, and healers!)


Will LeStrange with Horses



I apprenticed with my father, a master builder and in 1982 won a national competition to find the best UK decorating apprentice... winning a scholarship to study the painting and decorating industry in the USA.


In my late twenties, I spent 5 years in London playing music professionally.


During my time in London... 


I studied Tai Chi with Beverly Milne at the London School of Tai Chi and Spiritual Understanding

This was my big introduction to Chinese metaphysics, The I Ching, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Studied Geomancy, Ley Lines, Earth Mysteries, and Zoence, with Architect and Scholar of the British Mystery Tradition, Peter Dawkins founder of the Francis Bacon Research Trust, at Canonbury Tower, Islington.


Around this time, inspired by the work of Sir George Trevelyan, I Spent time on retreat in Scotland at the Findhorn Foundation in Forres, going onto Iona, and The Isle of Erraid, diving deeper into the British Earth Mystery Tradition.


During the late 80's I returned to my native Somerset and built a home. A simple structure in a one-acre paddock where I kept a garden and livestock. I taught specialist decorating part-time in a local college, and helped develop a self-advocacy program for young adults with learning difficulties.


In the early 90's I embarked on a journey around the world to explore indigenous building traditions. This involved traveling and working on community projects. 



retreat center in ireland

Dzogchen Beara Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center, Ireland


First stop the Dzogchen Beara, Co Cork, Ireland, a Tibetan Buddhist retreat center where I spent time helping to build their extraordinary hospice.


Ireland, Spain, Germany, Greece, the USA and China followed. Eash providing rich educational experiences, self-discovery, friendship, and marriage!


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