Feng Shui is a Balancing Act


We try to balance our work with our family and friends, our need for money with our spirituality. Yin and Yang is the philosophy of balance. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s important to strike a good balance between your masculine and your feminine sides.


The Yin Yang Symbol



Everything in balance! If you have a high-stress Yang job, you want to come home to a more calming Yin house. Soft colors and soft-edged furnishing would help relax you. But then again, you don’t want it to be too Yin. Everything in balance!


If you work in a very calm focussed way or spend a lot of time in thought or meditation, you may want to jazz up your home a bit. Bright colors and hard-edged designs may balance the overly Yin surrounding at work.


Using Color To Create Balance


In every case, think of balancing warm colors with cool colors, places that are full of stuff and places that are more sparse. Create cozy warm spaces for intimate conversations, but also space to move freely. Mix bright lighting with dim light or candlelight.


The Basic Tools of Feng Shui

Source: https://fengshuiforreallife.com/basics/


A variety of tools are available to the Feng Shui practitioner, and anyone may be more effective than another for a particular situation. The following tools are especially helpful to unblock energy and balance a home or business:


Color adds emotional, physiological, and cultural content to our lives. We associate certain things with colors, such as holidays, cultural events, and emotions. In Feng Shui, color is primarily used to represent and balance the Five Elements.


Sound is used to connect us to others in our environment. Music is a powerful way to uplift the chi in any environment and can sooth stressful home or office situations.


Lighting is a simple way to bring more chi into your environment, especially full-spectrum light bulbs that simulate natural light. Fireplaces are also a source of light.


Art can enhance the chi, whether it is a painting, sculpture, or textile. The selection and placement of art depend on the area of the BaGua you need to activate. Art should reflect positive images and feelings.


Growing Things like healthy plants and flowers connect you with the natural world. They can be chosen for a specific shape and color to correspond to a particular element and area of the BaGua. Silk plants can be used where light is too limited to grow healthy plants.


Water Features such as fountains and aquariums stimulate the movement of chi in and around your home or business.


Wind Sensitive Objects such as wind chimes, mobiles, whirligigs, banners, flags, and weather vanes attract the chi into your environment.


Mirrors & Crystals can be used when there are structural flaws or where there is no space for any other “cure.”


These are just a few of the tools available for creating balance in the home, I encourage you to make a start, Use your imagination and have fun! If you would like to find out more about Feng Shui click here



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