The Heart of the Ba Gua, A Template for Holistic Living


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve sent out a tip of the week and on reflection, it seems like a good time to get back to some basics. The BaGua is a template which can be placed over any physical space. A yard, a building or a room can now become an implement of change.


Illustration of the feng shui bagua map



The BaGua is made up of nine equal parts, or “Guas”. Each Gua relates to life issues, compass directions, body parts, family members, seasons, time of day, colors, shapes, materials, elements, and numbers. And these are just what is understood to date. As we study our environment, Feng Shui masters will add to the list.


A Design Template for Holistic Living


Whether you want to jump-start your career, end a relationship, strengthen a part of your body or improve a situation of any kind, you can use your environment as a tool for manifesting what you want. Many of you already know that the middle area of any space is where you look when you have health issues, but did you know that this Gua is also a “catch-all” location for questions and issues that don’t seem to fit into any of the other eight Guas?


This is also the part of your home or business to tend to when you are looking to create more balance or openness. So if your life is crazy upside down, it’s time to tend to the heart of your space. This is where you want to use earth tones, yellows, reds, square things, pointed things, terra cotta, brick, clay, candles, sunlight, and fireplaces. It’s not beneficial to utilize greens, tall rectangular things, wood, tall or woody plants or flowers. The number associated with this Gua is five. It relates to the transition between seasons.


Sketch of a sofa


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