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A Feng Shui consultation brings focus, clarity, and flow to your home and to your life. The environment affects how you think, feel and behave, it influences your quality of life on a daily basis. Therefore it is important to pay attention to this constant and influential force in your life.


Winston Churchill once said "We design our buildings, thereafter they design us"


Ideally, places of work should support organized growth and homes should provide a solid foundation on which to build happy, healthy prosperous lives.


If the flow of energy in your home is blocked, disturbed or weak then it is likely to show up in your health, your relationships, your ability to work and relax and in your general outlook on life.

pictur of a feng shui floor plan for a house

When is a good time to schedule a Feng Shui consultation For Your Home?


Anytime is a good time to schedule a consultation, however, there are certain occasions when you will greatly benefit from getting your environment checked over. 


  • when you are ready to make a fresh start and want to create a space that supports your desired future
  • when you are moving into a new place and want to feel confident it has positive energy for you
  • if you are planning on remodeling/redecorating and wish re-energize your space


  • to create a space that has a strong resonance with you
  • when something in your space just doesn't feel right, and you want to shift that energy
  • if you are going through a major life transition, birth, marriage, career, health, separation etc


  • if you are seeking to create a more nourishing and healing environment
  • when life feels cluttered and chaotic and you need some help and clarity.
  • if you are low on energy (for no obvious reason) and need more support


  • if you are in some kind of personal development training and you need to upgrade your environment to be more aligned with your new sense of self.
  • if you are frustrated with the design of your space and need to explore a more mindful approach to living

Use The Chart Below To Figure Out How Supportive Your Home Is

Are You Stagnant, Stuck, Shifting, or Flowing?

Blueprint for a feng shui home


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Here’s how a Home Feng Shui Consultation works


First, there is no “one size fits all” type of consultation.

Each consultation is focussed on your specific needs. It is geared bringing about the change you are seeking and is completely confidential.

Each consultation comes with a 30-Day support program where you have 4 x schedules phone calls with me Plus 24/7 email/text access to me for questions/ sending images changes etc


Step 1. Give me a call.

We can quickly discover if we are a good fit and if I’m the right guy for your project. Feel free to pick my brains… this is a no obligation call and I’m always happy to help.


Step 2. Figure out exactly what you need

If you choose to go ahead, we will figure out which consultation will work best - a home visit or Facetime/Skype.

We’ll schedule the appointment and talk about my fees, (I’ll need to hear about the scale of your project in order to figure out the fee… (that is why I don’t post fees here on the site)


Step 3. Complete a Discovery Form

I will email you a special questionnaire designed to get clarity about your goals and challenges. You return the form with a 50% deposit, we set the date and time. This gets the consultation process underway.


Step 4. Consultation Day

A Home Visit usually takes 4-hours

  • I'll have you show me around the house, inside and out.
  • We will do a review of the history of the property.
  • We will take a detailed look at what issues you are experiencing.
  • We will get clear about the aspirations you have for your future.
  • I will complete a thorough Feng shui assessment of the property, including testing for geopathic stress and EMF pollution, Compass measurements/Flying Star calculations.
  • Discussion of findings, including a clear explanation of the quality of energy in your space.
  • Making immediate minor feng shui corrections to the property if possible, inc (space clearing and geopathic stress harmonization).
  • Make adjustments to the layout of the rooms.
  • Explanation of solutions and implementation plan.
  • We will schedule 4 x follow up calls for the next month.
  • Payment of the balance of the consultation fee.


Step 5. 30-Day Support Period

During the next 30 days, you will have 1 x 10-minute call with me per week, and 27/7 email and text support. 

My clients love this level of care and support during the period when they are usually putting my recommendations into place.

If you have any question or need to reach out, I'm there!


Take The 2-Minute Feng Shui Questionnaire To See How Your Home Rates


These Questions Are Designed to Get You Thinking About Your Relationship with Your Space

  1. I’m very happy with my home I feel nourished here.
  2. I look forward to coming home from a holiday.
  3. I feel at home here and welcome here.
  4. I sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.
  5. I’m healthy, with balanced energy and a healthy sex drive.
  6. I’m in control of my clutter. I feel ok about it.
  7. I check the feng shui of my home every year (Healthy Home Check-up)
  8. I don’t have electro-pollution at home
  9. I am confident that my home is free of geopathic stress (sick earth radiation)
  10. This is the best home I ever had.
  11. When I saw my home for the first time I fell in love with it.
  12. Since moving here I have found it easy to earn and save money.
  13. I have a good water filter for the whole house/workplace.
  14. I have good neighbors and good relations with them.
  15. My home is interesting to me.
  16. People love coming here.
  17. I feel safe here.
  18. I find it easy to concentrate and communicate here.
  19. My home is full of life. I am creative here.
  20. My home has a heart and soul.
  21. I’ve been here for a very long time.
  22. The history (predecessor chi) of the home is good.
  23. There were no major problems with this house (burglary, fire, floods, sickness, divorce, litigation, etc).
  24. My environment is not important to me. I don’t need feng shui.
  25. My bed has no metal. The mattress has no metal springs.
  26. Since I’ve moved here my life has improved and is flourishing.
  27. I have used feng shui principles when designing my home
  28. I have many things that could be improved in my home.
  29. I am surrounded by things which broken/worn out
  30. Visitors can easily find my house

Helping to choose Feng Shui colors,

infographic - Is your home making you sick?


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