• Feng Shui For Homes

  • There are many different styles of Feng Shui and I’m often asked about the style I practice. I’ve been practicing Feng Shui professionally for over twenty years and have discovered an array of techniques that I call “The Modern Feng Shui Formula”.

    After three years of foundation training in classical Feng Shui with some remarkable masters from around the world, I embarked upon a study tour of China in 1999. During that trip I recognized the need to develop an innovative system of Feng Shui that could address the challenges of modern life in the western world.

    The pressing issues I’m referring to are… time management, toxicity, sick building syndrome (SBS), EMF’s, Geopathic Stress, over crowding, isolation, clutter, detachment from nature and various psycho-emotional problems caused by poor architecture and bad use of light and color. The need to integrate eco-design (green design) is essential for a healthy sustainable future.

  • The Benefits of Using Holistic Feng Shui for Upgrading You living Space

    My system draws from a diverse field disciplines… Classical  Feng Shui, modern environmental psychology, interior design, sustainable/eco-design, color therapy and integrative medicine. When used in combination, these disciplines offer helpful insights into the “person/place relationship” and go far beyond traditional systems for creating life enhancing places to live, work and play. 

    "The Modern Feng Shui Formula" is powerful, practical and effective and is helping to change the lives of thousands of people and I’m confident it can help you transform your relationship with your space.

    We are all trying for find our place in this world, in more ways than one. This can be a challenge amid the complexities of a hectic life. How many time do you hear about the need to “simplify” "down size”, "right size”, or rediscover "simpler ways of living" and “get back to nature” or strive to live in a state of "Flow" where we become realigned with our true nature and embrace the laws of the natural world.

    Feng Shui can assist with this and more. It will help you regain a more balanced, meaningful and abundant life, through the act of connecting your inner and outer landscapes throughout our great city of New York.



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