Finding Out More About The Bronx, New York


Perhaps one of the best-known New York City boroughs, The Bronx is home to over 1.4 million residents. It is home to the famed Yankee Stadium which has housed the New York Yankees baseball team.

A couple of decades ago, the Bronx was not the sprawling metropolis it is today. It started out as a rural area providing food and other means of sustenance to the rest of New York City.



In the 1800s, the Bronx Zoo was home to hundreds of animals. Across the sprawling neighborhood, the Botanical Garden carries the rural image of how The Bronx used to look like in another life.


With the expansion of the New York City Subway, urbanism slowly crept in, and today, only cultural centers show the rural heritage of The Bronx.

The cost of living in The Bronx is similar to that of the rest of New York City. That means residents have to put up with high costs of living that are often offset by lucrative employment opportunities.

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