Modern Feng Shui For Better Living

WHAT IS FENG SHUI The Chinese Encyclopedia (Sinica) defines feng shui as “The external and visible signs of the heavenly Yin and Yang; the art of arranging the human environment to be aligned with the Ch’i (Universal vital energy)”. Feng Shui is pronounced “Fung Sway”.   This art and science of Feng Shui is based […]

A Quick Journey Through the Feng Shui Ba Gua

  There are so many different factors that influence or determine our success in life. There are some that are predestined or unchangeable such as our parents, our birth date, birthplace, our culture and the economic and cosmic cycles at our time of birth. These factors have a great impact on our foundation in life […]

Feng Shui for Buying and Selling Property in New York

Are you experiencing difficulties with a real estate transaction? Are you stuck with a property that won’t sell? Maybe you have moved into a new apartment and feel uncertain that this was the best move for you?     Whatever your situation, calling a Feng Shui expert could provide you with the solution and peace […]

Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Office

  All over New York and indeed across the world we are seeing a boom in the number of people who now work from home. For many the benefits are welcomed, however, working from home does not come without its unique set of challenges.   Loneliness Work Distractions Domestic Distractions Keeping Your Edge Being Your […]

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