Modern Feng Shui For Better Living

WHAT IS FENG SHUI The Chinese Encyclopedia (Sinica) defines feng shui as “The external and visible signs of the heavenly Yin and Yang; the art of arranging the human environment to be aligned with the Ch’i (Universal vital energy)”. Feng Shui is pronounced “Fung Sway”.   This art and science of Feng Shui is based […]

What is the Meaning of Qi in Feng Shui?

  I can’t help but notice a profound misunderstanding of Qi (Chi) amongst many western Feng Shui practitioners. In some ways, it is no surprise… Qi is a difficult concept to understand. Everbody is talking about “Energy” or “Cosmic Breath” or “The Life-Force” but rarely do I see practitioners referring back to original text and […]

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