Top Tips on How to Manage Clutter in Your Home


Let’s begin with an amazing feng shui tip!


 When I conduct seminars and weekend workshops, I usually give some general tips on home, business and workspace feng shui. The first tip I give–and the one that provokes the most laughter is–Clear out your clutter.


Did you know that clutter can actually create obstacles or blockages in our personal and professional lives? 

 Ask yourself these questions and see if it applies…


Are you experiencing:

1.            Struggles with starting or completing projects?

2.            Opportunities passing you by?

3.            Conflicts with other people?

4.            Desire a relationship?

5.            Health concerns that won’t go away?

6.            Feeling stagnant in your career goals?

7.            Lack of harmony in your life?

8.            Difficulty in Concentrating?

9.            Having a problem saving money?


If you have answered YES to any of these questions–guess what? The stresses and problems of life often come from the places where we live and work. Feng Shui shows you how the way you arrange your home, office, or business affects not just your personal and professional activities, but your health, wealth and happiness.


Feng Shui promotes free energy flow through your living environment or workplace. Clutter blocks that flow. 


Clutter can keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from growing or reaching your future aspirations. It can sometimes affect your health and clarity of mind.


When I first got introduced to Feng Shui, I didn’t realize that those large plastic bags of old clothes and boxes of books and papers that I hadn’t looked at for years were actually blocking my opportunities. It was both fun and a relief when I got my family together, rented a car, and dropped off a lot of these items at the Salvation Army and the Library. Within a few days of accomplishing this task—my business improved immensely! It was like receiving a triple dose of vitality – helping someone in need, giving books to read.  Freeing myself from clutter—making my life easier.


 Just imagine, freeing yourself from clutter can:

·         Create positive energy to flow throughout your living space.

·         Revitalize and energize your life in more ways than you can imagine.

·         Help Your Mind, Body, and Spirit-become one–clearer as your goals become more real.


How do you begin to move your clutter out (and make room for new successes in your life)? Like anything else – start with one piece at a time. First, pick it up, then, look at it and decide right then:


What I usually call the 12-month method.  Ask yourself: will I use this item within the next 12 months? Be really honest with yourself.  Then decide: Keep it? Give away? Throw away? File away?  Next, put that decision into action. (Be careful with the “keep it or file away”! Remember, if you’ll use the item within the next 12 months fine.  Don’t hang onto things just because they might be needed sometime soon. Soon  probably won’t come.)


 Are you ready to take the first step? Go get some garbage bags, boxes and go to town on all that clutter. Try it. It’s a lot of fun.  Then, write me back and let know of your experience.  I’d love to hear about your progress.  Tell everyone about this site…



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