A Healthy House Means Healthy People

Every House is a Living Entity and there are many things to consider when looking at a home in regard to health. The feng shui practitioner looks at the entryway (the mouth of the house), to see if the chi (energy) is being invited into the space, or blocked from the body of the house. […]

What is the Meaning of Qi in Feng Shui?

  I can’t help but notice a profound misunderstanding of Qi (Chi) amongst many western Feng Shui practitioners. In some ways, it is no surprise… Qi is a difficult concept to understand. Everbody is talking about “Energy” or “Cosmic Breath” or “The Life-Force” but rarely do I see practitioners referring back to original text and […]

Natural Awakenings Interview with Will LeStrange Pt 2 – Eco-design and feng shui

  If you look at Hong Kong harbor, that’s the classic feng shui setting. You’ve got the open waterfront that brings all the energy to the place, all the travel, the boats, the trade, the commerce. All of that energy comes into the place and it’s completely supported by a mountain range at the back. […]

Natural Awakenings Interview with Will LeStrange – Pt 1 The connection between Feng Shui and Eco-Design

  Will LeStrange was recently interviewed by Natural Awakenings magazine on the topic of how feng shui connects with eco-build/sustainable design. The following is a transcript of that conversation. Interviewer…. I’m writing an article, the natural awakening, that’s an article about an eco-friendly twist on feng shui design. It’s been really frustrating because the more […]

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