Feng Shui Definitions


There are a lot of Terms and Jargon used in the practice of Feng Shui. In this article, I will cover the definition of three of the basic terms.


A bagua is an overlay (map) used in feng shui. It serves as the foundation for a Feng Shui consultation. Looking at this map is knowing where things should be, where colors should go. This map is ‘placed over’ your home and your outside property.


Cure:  something placed in a position to help lessen a problematic area. This can be something of a specific color, a crystal, a mirror, wind chimes, fountains, bamboo flutes, etc; it can also mean changing positions of furniture. For instance, if my desk is facing a wall, I am not in a position of ‘power’. If my desk is positioned to face the door so that I know who is entering and leaving, I am in a much stronger position of ‘power’ and readiness. (Check out Feng Shui for business)I have a better chance to succeed, to have people come to me because I can see what is coming and be open and ready; no one can sneak up on me.


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Chi: (pronounced ‘chee’; sometimes pronounced ‘key’) is a word used often in eastern cultures (and is spelled differently by different cultures). Chi means ‘energy’ or ‘life force’. If the chi is flowing in and through your rooms, there is more positive action happening, the people living in the house are healthier, happier, ‘life force’



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