Feng Shui Success Stories


Even though I know the power of Feng Shui, I am always awed at what people experience after incorporating Feng Shui into their space. What a wonderful tool we have for enhancing, enriching and empowering lives.


Blueprint for a feng shui home

 This is the Transformation Roadmap used to help clients start the Feng Shui process.


Below are a selection of testimonials from clients in the New York area who have experienced interesting and sometimes life-changing experiences after working with Will LeStrange


Creating Financial Success

I was definitely a nonbeliever in Feng Shui; nevertheless, I followed Will’s recommendations when a business colleague hired her to Feng Shui my townhouse. I rearranged my furniture, used another room that was a more active area, and moved electronic equipment to a stronger location for attracting opportunity. That year I made over $300,000. I was 23. I am now a believer and consider Feng Shui a direct factor in my financial success. ~ Steve 


Attracting Romance

My experience with Feng Shui is that results can come slowly and gradually, or they can be swift and immediate. I had worked Feng Shui in the past to support me in building my real estate business. So when my fiancée had broken off our engagement, I called Will LeStrange. He gave me a number of cures to attract romance and assured me that this could create new opportunities – however, for not getting my fiancée back. The cures included placing flowers and bamboo in a specific location. He warned me to stop the cures when I found a new love interest, as the cures could also lead to infidelity. After placing the cures, I went on a business trip where I met a man that I fell head over heels for. I had only paid attention to what I needed to do to attract a relationship, but not what to do once I found one. I frantically called Will when I returned and removed all cures. That relationship turned out to be short-lived, but a few months later I met a wonderful man, which led to a new engagement. I could not be happier with how Feng Shui has helped me and my life. ~ Julie 


Mating for Life

Last summer Will LeStrange helped me Feng Shui my apartment. The area of my life that I most wanted to change was attracting a relationship. I was ready for a long-term, committed, loving relationship. We reinforced Romance corners of each room with pairs of things and romantic items. We rearranged the bedroom to place my bed in a more favorable location, but I could not find any art for the bedroom. Will reminded me of a mutual acquaintance, an artist, who had actually become engaged shortly after changing out cold to warm colors in her bedroom and refocusing on pairs, not lonely, single symbols in both her art and her home. One piece was particularly significant, a beautiful pair of swans, significant because they mate for life. I commissioned another swan painting. The very evening of the day I hung this painting I reconnected with a casual friend, which became a very special relationship. We are planning to get married and are buying a home together this Spring. I just had to share this wonderful news with you.   ~ Dixie


A Prize Pick-up

I bought a house in a small rural area outside of New York to get away from my stressful work as a nurse and a hectic lifestyle. I was thrilled when Will confirmed that the house was so supportive for me — the facing direction was perfect, as was the bedroom and bed location. My stove location even was quite favorable. We did some minor “tweaking”; and, I do not know if it was the favorable house, The Feng Shui, or just luck, but 2 weeks later I won a pickup truck. Regardless, I am happy with my new pickup and my new house.  ~ Margaret


If you would like to find out more about Feng Shui and how it can help bring positive change to your life, contact Will LeStrange at 646-759-0866



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